Back in Halifax

It was a good decision to send the bikes directly by ground from St. John's to Vancouver. It made traveling so much easier!
Purolater seems the way to go. Thanks to Leann Northcott from the Pippy Park camping for storing and organizing the pickup of the poxes. Again a very good example of all the helpful people we met in NF.
Back in Halifax it took us a while to get to Erika's place by public transport, but we made it.
It was good to have a day's rest before packing up all our climbing gear and then heading for the flight to Seattle.

Arival in St. Johan's

yes, we made it to St. John's and just checked in the Pippy Park campground. It was an other nice day in NF. We woke up on our nice camp site on bell island with a bit fogy weather, but two hours later the weather was nearly perfect.
I was looking for wales all the time, but could not see any…
I guess we have to settle with the one we saw a couple days back.
The ride back to the mainland with the ferry was quick and the ride for St. John's not very hard.
Unfortunately I could not find my nice hat again, even though I was riding back to the place we had lunch the day before.
Well, I will have to shop for a new one during the next weeks.

Bell Island

Nice Newfundland people again! After they gave us a nice spot to camp on their lawn, we were invited for a breakfast. So, we really got a good start with lots of energy. After managing the long hill ascent, we had lunch at St. Phillips.
Since we made good progress it was an easy decision to hop on the ferry to Bell Island.
It turned out to be a good move and we found a perfect camp site on an old runway. It was very close to the sea and only the locals used it for some car driving lessons and the jung guys for some speed driving (but it was short living :-)
Then we had it for our self!

on the east coast

On the way to Antigonish

We decided to cycle on the direct way to Antigonish and not to stay on the coast any longer. For that stretch we were very lucky and had a good tail wind. While cycling the effect seems not so strong, but if you stop one can feel the wind that is actually pushing. A good feeling anyway.

The East NS Coast

Time for us to start with cycling. Unfortunately Sabina did catch a cold and was not very well for the beginning. But she is tough and we decided to start, but taking it easy. Erika gave us a lift out of the city and a good stretch up north. This way we could enjoy the nice costal view right from the beginning of our trip.
Check the photos - Photos NS 1 - First night was at the Moos River Campground

Exploring Halifax

The next days we did join the family live of our friends. It was fun to attend Kaya's theater performance at her school. It also took a while for us to get used to the french dialect spoken in NS.
Thanks Erika for driving us around Halifax and helping with our shopping.
And as you can see, fun time at the beach.