Last station: Everett - back home of our great friends The Ridells, who supported our trip so much. Now it's time to sell our loyal and faithful van (we called her "Priscilla"), we have been fallen in love with (we sold it the same day we left the States, ufff….), getting our luggage ready and say good bye to our friends Robin, Kevin, Eric, Owen and Martin from Vancouver, who joint our "good bye dinner" a typical Swiss dish called Aelpler Makkronen and crème brûlée. An evening with many stories, plans for a reunion and, and, and…

Everett sunset last bike ride


On the way back to Everett we made another stop in Twin Falls and Echo. Echo is a small village with a nice bike trail on the land, sponsored by Lloyd Piercy a local winemaker and ex ski professional .

Echo bike trail DSC02877

Lloyd, thanks for your generosity and the bike community we enjoyed the bike trail very much and of course we "had" to go for a wine tasting at the Echo West Vineyard
http://www.echowestvineyard.com yummy...


Thanks to our GPS we found the house of our friends in Boise, who already awaited us.


Boise 2

Jerry mixed the drinks, Carol served the crackers and cheese and here we are, talking about the experiences we made on our trip and listen to the stories they had to tell us about their road trip. After a nice dinner in town (thanks so much for your invitation), we enjoyed the fine bed at their home.

The following morning, Jerry took us for a bike ride on the nice Boise trail system, which was great fun. It's amazing how fit this guy is :-).


Thank you so much for you great hospitality! We hope to see you again - this time in Europe ;-)

Stanley Idaho

The night after our return from our climbing trip at the Sawtooth Mt. we spent in Stanley, a very nice community close by the red fish lake. Waking up in the morning, we look surprised, snow almost down to us… Good we climbed the Elephants perch before!

snow stanley

So we enjoyed the great atmosphere at the Stanley Bakery and Cafe
http://www.stanleybakingco.com a fantastic place. Later in the afternoon we went for another bike ride in the area, before we headed further south to Boise, where we are invited by our new friends Carol and Jerry Cantor, which we met during our cycling trip on the Cabot Trail.

Back on the road again

on the road to Boise

Sawtooth Mountains

Ever since we had to abandon our plans for the Wind River Range because of the unstable water we where thinking of alternatives on our way back to the west coast. In the Rock and Road atlas we did see a picture of the elephants perch, that made us think: This nice peace of rock we must climb…
So came that we did set our GPS for the
Sawtooth Mountains.
The approach it delve is a little adventure, since it is done by boat, that saves you 5 miles hiking along the lake. From the end of the lake it is another 2-3h steep climb up to the "sattel back lakes".
But the hike with the heavy backpack is worth it. The setting is absolutely stunning and the camping at the lakes is just a little paradise.
For our climbing, we did pick the "Astro Elephant" a nice line that circles around the perch from right to left.

City of Rocks

It was 21 years ago that Sabina and I had been in the City of Rocks. Well, it was a good ovation to renew that experience, especially since Sabina did only start with climbing at that time.
The City of Rocks has just become more popular and it seems that the campground is booked out nearly every weekend in the summer and fall months. We just went there during the week and as usual did book a site that was only reserved on the next weekend. Wrong! Nowadays you only can stay more than a day if you do the booking over the internet. A nice ranger at the information office finally resolved our problem and made the reservation for us.
Funny to note, that your site was reserved for the weekend by a party named "Von Arx" a very typical swiss name, but asking the ranger she told us that they are from Tucson, Arizona.
Later we met the guys wile climbing and for sure they where swiss, studying in Tucson…
We had good times climbing "Cairo", "She's the Bosh" and lots of others. Some of the gear climbs seemed awful hard to us…

city of rocks bina crack

Logan Canyon

Suggested by some climbers we met, we did head for Logan. A City with a large University and a good life quality as it seemed to us. There we did spoil us with a great dinner at the Indian restaurant and enjoyed the great generosity of Travis, the owner of the http://www.rockhausgym.com, who gave us spontaneous a lot of insider beta and guide books about the climbing in the Logan, City of Rocks and the Sawtooth Mountains. Thanks Travis, you are a great guy and we had thanks to your information even more fun :-)! Besides nice limestone climbing, Logan also offers fun mountain biking in the Green Canyon, which we liked very much as well, before moving on to City of Rocks.

American Fork

After a night at the Uinta National Forest and some nice biking in that area, we moved on to the Spanish Fork Canyon for one night.
Since it was the Labor Day weekend it was very busy. We had to drive a good way into the canyon to find a free camping spot.
The next day biking was on our menu and so we started out on a ATV trail that was described as a moderate tour.
However, the canyon had just received a good rain shower before we came and it was getting muddy as farther up we came. So after an hour of biking we had to turn around, with wheels looking like balloon tires. The terrain was just incredibly moody and at a certain point our wheels got stocked… But still it was fun riding, a great view, a lot of dirt and we even got some sunshine at end - what more do you want?
Next stop was American Fork for some more climbing. The ambiance in the canyon was very nice, but the climbs were quite hard and some of them (a little…) polished. A couple of days was enough to make our muscles tired enough to be ready to move back to Spanish Fork and enjoying a movie at the theatre.

Salt Lake & Maple Cannyon

After Wild Iris, we originally planed to go for the Wind River Range. There we planed to do some multi pitch climbing and camping. However, the weather was still too hot and with thunderstorms very early in the afternoon we had to change our project. So we canceled this part and did head directly towards Salt Lake City, the home of many outdoor equipment companies (dangerous heaven for people like us….). Since it is a long drive to Salt Lake City we stopped at Park City for some biking and where we spent the night as well (thanks walmart :-)). It was a nice trail, but unfortunately Sabina had a bad fall. Nothing broken but sore sports….
So we decided not to do any sport the next day and went for shopping. Patagonia outlet first, then Black Diamond …
and finally we were on our way, down south to the Maple Canyon.
To our surprise it was very quiet at the campground during the week. We figured that we could only stay during the week and had to leave the upcoming weekend, the big labor day weekend.
The climbing is very unique. The Rock is a conglomerate, but it is very different from the formations we know from Spain.
The pebbles were much bigger and the holds harder to see. One could get pumped easily just by searching the next good hold. They all looked good in the beginning, but….


Wild Iris

After two city days in Lander / WY, including a nice bike ride up the Sinks Canyon, we did head out for Wild Iris. It was a hot day but we still managed a short bike ride at the trail "Johnny behind the Rocks." It was a nice trail in some desert like environment.
Wild Iris was found easily and we so we got as well some climbing in the afternoon. The climbing is very special, mostly climbing on pockets. Not very easy for Sabina since some moves are very stretchy. We had to climb some routes to get used to it and starting to enjoy climbing finally.
All in all, nice climbing in a very beautiful setting. The camping is just located below one of the major climbing cliffs, with a nice view over the valley.

Camping just below the climbing crags