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2013/10/22 - 07:55

hi guys! looking at the pictures it seems that you had a great time for the rest of your trip! was great meeting you at city of rocks (funny coincidence with the same camp site, etc.:). we had a blast at COR and enjoyed the climbing there very much. on the way back to tucson, we stopped in zion and climbed some unique sport routes. very nice! hope you can take advantage of the last sunny days before the winter. but I guess you guys like to ski as well, so snow might be not that bad after all. anyways, just wanted to say hi! greetings from tucson!

2013/04/16 - 23:11

Great to see you guys sare still cranking and exploring the globe.
Look forward to seeing you in North america again soon.
big Canadian g=hugs await you ;)

miss you both,

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